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Corrosion Control offers Clients, who may be Owners or Operators of plant, infrastructure or facilities in the petrochemical, water, transport, ports, marine and offshore industries, or their Consulting Engineers or Contractors, specialist corrosion and Cathodic Protection advice. This advice includes surveys, design, specification, materials procurement, installation supervision, commissioning, performance verification, inspection and problem solving in Cathodic Protection systems. These are applied to pipelines, tanks, treatment facilities, power generation and desalination facilities, bridges, tunnels, wharves, jetties, port and harbour facilities and offshore structures. Corrosion Control are specialists in Cathodic Protection applied to steel in soils, waters and concrete using both impressed current and galvanic (sacrificial) anodes and the monitoring of these systems.Corrosion Control can deliver solutions that extend beyond Cathodic Protection. In association with equally qualified and experienced specialists in materials selection, coatings and design for durability, we can offer Owner/Operators and their Consulting Engineers or Contractors a full range of corrosion control and safe life extension packages.

Corrosion Control has particular expertise and experience in the following areas:
  • Cathodic Protection design for Offshore structures, pipelines and facilities.
  • Design of Retrofit Cathodic Protection systems for life extension or to remedy defective systems.
  • Specification of Cathodic Protection surveys and design of monitoring systems.
  • Survey, design, installation supervision and commissioning of buried pipeline and tank farm Cathodic Protection systems.
  • Specification and supervision of overline buried pipeline surveys, in particular Integrated CIPS + Recorded DCVG.
  • Survey, design, installation supervision and commissioning of Cathodic Protection and Durability Monitoring systems for reinforced concrete bridges, structures, buildings, tunnels and pipelines.
  • Survey, design, installation supervision and commissioning of Cathodic Protection systems for ports and harbour facilities; particularly for control of Accelerated Low Water Corrosion (ALWC).
  • In all of these activities Corrosion Control is able to provide expertise in both impressed current and galvanic (sacrificial) anode Cathodic Protection, monitoring their long term performance and assessing any interaction effects related to the protected structure.

    Corrosion Control can offer either tender assessment or material procurement services as required by Clients.

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